Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Death Schyte

Hey, its third time i post today, i post image, death schyte! i have inspired from anime to make this Death Schyte, actually this is my favorite weapon after sword and dual sword.

Hmm it's not easy to make this schyte, you have to draw it separately, first you draw the grappler and second,  you draw the edge, third you must move the edge to the grapler and that's very hard, i'm very lucky to make it fit to the grapler

Stone sword

It's my first time make sword, its difficult to think the design, but i can make it now.
I have a mistake about forgot to erase tape measurement object, you can see that in the grappler.

Floating Tire

I'm sorry because about a week i can't post 3d creation because my internet has connectivity problem, so i can't access internet, but today i can access it again. I think i will post 3 image today

first, i will share to you a picture of : floating tire. It just for fun to make it

I just draw simple water area because i just focus on the tire, making tire in sketchup isn't easy, you must use tool "follow me" to make it

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

mug - triangle solid

Hey, bonus for today,  i post 2 image. It's mug with triangle shape, i think the mug is thin than recently i made. hmm but for the grip not to long from the recent. enjoy~

Mug - square transparent

Hello there! today i make mug again, but the shape is square and transparent glass, i forgot to erase the tape measure so you can see it in that picture.


Okay this is my first 3D object, i draw mug for the object with a water inside.


Hello, this blog is from mahdiar-blog who made for post anything about homemade 3d . But i haven't expert in it's use, i using google sketchup, this program is really easy to use and simple, i hope this blog alwas posting :D